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Welcome to Ramon T. Tulfo Cargo

Cargo service

RTTC offers quick delivery & ensures of your packages all over the Philippines.

Why Choose RTTC

Delivery throughout the Philippines

supported locations

Our cargo delivery service is available anywhere in the Philippines

Nationwide Delivery

Insurance & Duties

Ensuring Safe Delivery

Upon pickup, our services include strapping, double packaging, fragile tape and insurance.

Ensuring the best safety

Our clients trust us

Positive Reviews

Our clients’ reviews are the best way to learn more about our cargo delivery service.

Reviews & Testimonials

Ramon T. Tulfo


About us

The best delivery
with the utmost care

RTTC was established in 2023, as a reliable cargo service provider where anyone could send packages from the UAE and San Diego to the Philippines.

  • Delivery anywhere in the Philippines
  • Ensure safety for every delivery
  • Get great discounts with your boxes

What we Offer

Special Combo Offer

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Jumbo + 1 Small

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Super Jumbo + 1 Small

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Super Extra Jumbo
+ 1 Small

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Jumbo + 1 Medium

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Super Jumbo
+ 1 Medium

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how it works

3 Step Process

a cargo package

First, select the package that you prefer the most.

customize your menu

After that, feel free to fill up your designated boxes.

Select a delivery
address & time

Finally, let us know where and when to deliver your package.


We believe that businesses should have access to cost-effective shipping solutions that don't compromise on reliability or quality.


Ensuring safety in delivery packaging is crucial to safeguarding products and providing customers with peace of mind throughout the shipping process.


Choosing insured delivery packaging offers an added layer of protection, giving both businesses and customers the confidence that their valuable items are covered in case of any unforeseen incidents.


Opting for trusted delivery packaging instills confidence in customers, knowing that their items are handled with care and reliability, ensuring a positive and reliable shipping experience